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In light of the execution of 12 in Paris for the crime of publishing cartoons that lampoon religion, I’m left with the following question: what should be the response of civilized people? After unspeakable acts of violence and terror, carefully catalogued in the name of Allah, what is a reasonable response? There will be grim faced condemnations from the leaders of the civilized world, as there were after the beheading of journalists, the butchering of rabbis at prayer and the stoning of undesirables. Are tersely worded statements a reasonable response? Should we continue to allow an ideology to stifle debate in our universities, edit our news and demand our acquiescence under the threat of violence?

How long will I be able to even ask a question like this?

This recent terror episode ended the way everyone expected it would. The prophet Muhammad has three glorious new martyrs and has had his honor restored from the insult of some French cartoonists. Left in the wake are the bodies of those unfortunate enough to have been in the way and the security of a nation is shaken to its core. All that’s left is for the pundits to sort it all out. Then we can once again safely return our collective attention to Kim Kardasian’s ass. I fear this will be the response of civilized people.

Until the next time. And the time after that.